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How a Magician Turns Your Kid' Birthday Party into a  Magical one

Are you planning a kids birthday party or function for your kid? Are you looking for something special and something that can leave a very good impression for your guests? Look no further! A party magician is all you need to turn your kid’s party into a REAL party! I mean a party with lots of fun!

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Why a party magician? 

Let’s recall the most recent kids’ party that you have attended, was there anything special or remarkable? I bet there was just some food, balloons, toys, a huge cake and maybe some props for photo taking, right? While these are not anything bad and the kids probably wouldn’t mind at all, I guarantee you that you can do better if you are the one holding the party!

Perhaps seeing a magician at a birthday party is a common thing for you, then the kids will probably be expecting to see a party magician too. You don’t want to disappoint your guests, don’t you? 

Okay, assuming you have never booked a magician for a party before, you will probably underestimate the value and fun a professional magician can bring to your guests in Singapore. Especially in a kid’s birthday party, you want something or someone who can grab the kids’ attention and keep them entertained. Magicians with experience will be able to handle this task very well with their flexible performances.

Still not convinced that a magician can magically turn your party from a “good party” to a “wonderful party”? Check out how we do it:

The Element of Surprise and Its Rarity

Despite its popularity on TV shows, a live magic show is not as common as you may think and definitely not all of us have seen one before. When people show up at your party, you don’t want them to feel like seeing the “same old thing” again and again. Same goes for the kids. Even though they would be excited anyway if there weren’t any magic performance, but hey, “THERE IS A MAGIC SHOW!”. Trust me, the excitement of the kids will be over the roof! 

Remember how unusual it will be for them to witness live magic, it will definitely be surprising for them, kids and adults! Even if they have watched a magic show before, it’s unlikely that they will get bored by another live magic performance because magic is magic, no one hates magic isn’t it? 

It’s FUN 

Sometimes people will try to throw everything they have into the party, in the hope that the kids will be entertained and busy. But they often overlook the most desired element in such an event, the “fun”. You can have many activities scheduled during the few-hours long party but you can’t make sure every kid enjoy every part of the activities, right?

But with the magical performance of a magician, I can guarantee you that your guests will laugh in surprise, clap in amusement and stunned in amazement. The kids will surely enjoy and appreciate the magic show that you’d prepare for them. 

Give Your Child a FUN & MAGICAL PARTY!


Direct engagement

Imagine a party with just food and drinks and kids running everywhere? it would be a little underwhelming and uncontrollable right? I am not saying that you can’t have great games for the kids to have fun, but not all the games are designed to get everyone involved, right?

However, magic shows are - for the most part - all about interaction with the audience. It is not merely a performance performed TO the audience but WITH the audience. This is particularly useful as the kids will be full of energy and you want the magician to take some away from the kids to keep the situation under control. With a high level of participation,  your guests will have a greater sense of engagement hence making the whole experience more memorable and magical.

Memorable and remarkable

Sure you spend some good money into organising a party for your kid, you don’t want your guests to go home and remember nothing don’t you? To make your money well-spent, you want the kids to be talking about it, sharing their experiences and excitement and ultimately remember this magical event in years to come. 

That’s why magic is such a powerful asset to your event. Even though the guests may have seen some live magic before, you shouldn’t be worrying too much because there are thousands of magic tricks and they definitely haven’t seen them all!

They will talk about the impossible things they saw even after the party is over for days. As a parent and the host, this will give you a great sense of achievement as well. 

Visual Stimulation

Human beings are trained to follow visual stimulus, this is part of our instinct and survival mechanism. With the colourful, odd-looking and unusual props, expect to see your guests being captivated by the performance of the magician. This strong visual stimulation will also give the audience a sense of satisfaction after the show.

Sometimes, kids can even get the chance to touch the props or have physical interaction with the magician. By engaging more of your guests’ senses, you dramatically improve the memorability of your event and hence increase the value from hosting it.

Great photo opportunity

Delighted, surprised, shocked and laughter. You certainly want to capture all these awesome reactions onto your mobile phone or camera. A live magic show provides you with tons of instagram-able opportunities to snap photos of the magical moments. 

Taking photos is not only just for future browsing purposes. As part of your kid’s growing journey, a photo can also play a big role as it serves the purpose of reminding you of an important event and the quality time you spent with your child.

Versatility, regardless of the size of your event

An experienced magician will have the ability to control the crowd with the myriad of tricks up his sleeve. Your event can be large and dynamic or small and intimate, there is always a style of magic that will suit your entertainment requirements. 

Book Magic Show’s magicians will try their best to match the flow of your event and make sure that everyone present is entertained!

Of course, a magic show cannot last for a few hours. If you are afraid that live magic show alone is not enough for your event, feel free to book more services from Book Magic Show. We provide more than just kids magic, we also provide balloon sculpting, face painting, and cake hosting. What if you want something that adults can enjoy too? Book Magic Show also provides adult magic shows that surely will intrigue you and keep you surprised! Pick your favourite from the magic show packages NOW!