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Magic Show

Most kids and even adults are intrigued with magic tricks and magicians. For young kids, they are curious with their environment and things that are special such as magic. For older kids, they like to challenge their thinking and enjoy magic like a puzzle

For adults they like to see how their kids laugh and had fun with the magicians and some adults secretly told us they loved the fact that they can finally have time to chit chat with their friends while we entertain their kids


Balloon Sculpting

Add colours to your child's party with our colourful balloon sculptures created by our balloon artist using special long skinny balloons turned into designs like Heartshape Princess Wands, Spiderman, Giant Laser Guns, Lightsabre, and many more.

Our team of balloon artists are very experienced and not amateur who only make simple sword and simple flower balloon. 


Face Painting

Get your face or hand painted with drawings like pony, batman logo, flower or if you're more adventurous. Our artist can also paint your full face into Spiderman, The Hulk, Vampire, Tiger and etc. Depending on the face painting designs the kids choose.

Usually within 1 hour, our artist can paint 18-20pax of kids. 


Glitter Tattoo

Add glitter colours and sparkles to your child's birthday party with our glitter tattoo service. The kids can choose from a wide variety of stencil designs and our glitter tattoo artist will apply a special skin safe glue over the stencil, and pour colourful glitters over the glue and a beautiful design will appear on your hand like magic.

It is durable yet easy to remove with water and some rubbing. Have a sparkling party

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What Others Say About Us


Excellent service. All the kids at the party enjoyed themselves. Very professional and definitely worth it.

Olivia Sie 

 / One of the Satisfied Users


Thank you for great show for the kids...despite all the changes n troubles. The kids really enjoyed themselves!
You make it happen for them!

Cecilia Yeo

 / One of the Satisfied Users


I am also an early childhood educator and have been to several children's events and parties.  It is highly recommended by one of the mommies for my son's birthday party and I did not regret having him. He is truly the best magician I've seen so far! He isn't just brilliant with his tricks, he is extremely entertaining and the kids loved HIM! I am having him again for my 2019 Family Xmas Party and I know the kids are in for a Big Treat!

Geraldine Chia

 / One of the Satisfied Users

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