8 Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

As compared to the birthday parties that we had back in the days, kids parties nowadays are a lot more elaborated. Parents will try to organise a variety of activities so that the guests can feel the hospitality and have fun. Some parents will even go the extra mile by spending a good amount of money to make sure the party is as perfect as the child wants it to be, or perhaps as perfect as the PARENTS want it to be. 

No matter what is the case, if you are one of the parents, you will probably face the trouble of running out of ideas. If you don’t, then it is even better because now you don’t even have to go through the brain-burning process of thinking about party ideas! Just take one of the ideas below and it will work like a charm!

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1. Arts and craft

If you want something that lasts for a while, something that requires focus and something that is relatively chill and quiet, get the kids to craft something! All you need to do is to provide some papers, canvases, brushes and paint. You can even get some cheap paint palettes from the local stationery shops to make the kids feel more “professional”. Too plain and too simple? Prepare some playing doughs and ask the kids to sculpt some animals! Trust me, they will enjoy the hands-on activities more than you think!

2. Talent show

Mark off an area as the stage, get ready some props like hula-hoops, microphones, pom poms etc and see the kids unleash their inner-celebrities! Add some spice to the show by using a disco light (you can get one under $10 online), it will immediately turn the party into a festival! Better yet, buy a few plastic trophies to award the participants and make everyone feel like a winner. 

3. Indoor games

Kids nowadays always look for mobile phones whenever they are bored because there are plenty of games installed on it. It’s time to introduce some good-old-fashioned fun to them. Try to set up games like tug of war, musical chair s, plastic bottle bowling etc. All of these games only require some easily obtainable items and they won’t break your bank. However, be sure that there is enough space and also be sure to impose some rules for safety reasons. A gentle reminder though: The kids can go wild playing the games! 

4. Magic show

Have you ever watched a live magic show before? What about your kids? If you hire a party magician in Singapore, you can really add the “wow” factor into the party and the kids will definitely never take their eyes away from the show! All you need to do is go to the website and press a few buttons. Voila! The magician will magically appear at your party! (just kidding, you have to pay for it) If you wish to add some variety, just pick from the magic show packages they offer, which include balloon sculpting and face painting. Now your party is jam-packed with lots of fun and waves of laughter!

[Simple steps to book a magician in Singapore]

5. Food booth

The food selection is boring? It’s time to take the matter into your own hands. Use a table or the kitchen counter to act as a bar and decorate it as if it is a small little stall that serves snacks. Ice-cream will be your best bet because the kids will always say yes to the sweet treat! Otherwise, you can let the kids make their own waffles or pancakes to increase the engagement. Just be sure to supervise the process to avoid unnecessary troubles. 

6. Pizza party

Speaking of food, why not let the kids make their own pizzas as the main dish? If you have an oven at home, it can’t get any easier than this. Prepare some flour doughs, sausages, ham, chicken slices and whatever toppings you wish and let the kids show off their cooking skills! As long as you did not buy excessive ingredients, this idea will probably save you some money from ordering catering services. At the same time, teach the kids to value the food that is served to the table. They will learn the lesson quickly because now the food served was prepared by themselves (don’t overdo this because the kids won’t appreciate a lecture during a party)!

7. Breakfast party

This might sound a bit “meh” but think about it, kids don’t really get a lot of chances to have a proper breakfast with their friends. This idea might just be a novelty to them and it won’t be much more complicated than your usual breakfast. Just prepare some food that the kids will like and you are good to go. To top it off, you can incorporate this idea with the food booth idea from above. Oh hey! You can even set the dress code to be pyjamas to add a little fun to the party!

8. Scavenger hunt

The kids are too energetic and the house cannot contain them all? Take them outside and let them sweat! Get a few small toys or just some household items, make them into “treasures” and hide it all around a nearby park (you can do it at home if you have enough hiding spots). Now, let the kids turn the park upside down seeking for those “treasures”. If you have some spare budget, consider using some real gifts as the treasures and reward the ones who found them.